Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's a beautiful, sunny winter's day in Cape Town

Here's some covetable goodies you might like..

Clever idea of a 'clocklamp' - locally designed and produced

Just in - a pair of midmod chairs that have been sanded down, refoamed and upholstered in an embroidered  tweed style fabric. 

Some of the items here are - a white 'Spidey' occasional table with ash top
- Keri Muller's Africa Reinvented artwork
- Lovelight on tripod stand
- indoor planter in green and white

Geometric lampshades in black

I'm mad about these little ceramic planters - with low-maintenance air-plants

Ceramic vases from Veldt

Pouring bowls from Veldt

Gorgeous 'fan' cushion with feather inner - perfect for a seaside perch

Beautiful hand painted wooden blocks from Marisa Girardi

A Kurt Pio canvas alongside hand carved figures

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